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What Did Harry Styles Do When A Fan Threw Her Phone On Stage?

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A girl threw her phone at One Direction while they were performing.... and Harry decided to text her dad!



Okay. First of all: DON'T THROW STUFF AT BOYBANDS. Seriously guys, it's dangerous and you probably won't get it back. 

That being said, we have to give Harry Styles some major credit for making the most of a bad situation. Instead of ignoring a mobile phone which landed on stage at his feet, he decided to take a little look.

And then he decided to text her DAD! 

Apparently the father had text his daughter asking how the show was going. He allegedly replied: "Shows going well so far. This is harry texting from your daughters phone. That sounds weird. Hope she enjoyed the show. All the love. H . xxx"

These boys just LOVE to surprise us! It was only recently they brought a three-year-old fan on stage

Check out the vines below - how cute is that face! 

Tags: One Direction, Harry Styles

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