Posted: 6 August, 2014 by Web Girl Sarah

Ariana Grande Previews Sexy New Track

Listen here!

Tags: Ariana Grande, Jai Brooks, Sneak peek

The same day Ariana Grande alledegly split with her aussie boyf, Jai Brooks, she released a sneak peek of her sexy new tune, Love Me Harder. Is it a message? 


The 15 second preview features Ariana singing about love in an upbeaty dance track - "Imma love you harder" she sings.

Just yesterday the TV star and singer also released this heartfelt message on her Twitter, which many believe is directed at her now ex-boyfriend Jai Brooks. Ariana's grandfather passed away recently and it's believed Jai didn't give her the emotional support she needed. 

Tags: Ariana Grande, Jai Brooks, Sneak peek

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