Posted: 23 January, 2014 by Rhiannon

The Wanted Split: Our Five Faves!

They may be gone for now, but how could we forget a band that gave us moments like this...

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So The Wanted broke up while we were sleeping, and everyone in Bump HQ woke up to a strange new world where the war between 1D and TW was over (although, will it really EVER be over?).

Time to remember our fave Wanted tracks, plus one UNFORGETTABLE round of Heads-Up!

5. Glad You Came

Needs no real introduction: where it all began. Party Party Party etc!

4. Gold Forever (Comic Relief Single)

The boys showed their soft side in this charity clip. Naaaawww.

3. Walks Like Rihanna

This song is definitely not their best song. It does, however, have an amazing parody clip that your parents probably find way funnier than you do.

2. Chasing the Sun (Original Sexy Vampire Clip)

Remember when that Ice Age sequel came out, and the clip was just The Wanted dancing around in snow suits? Yeah, we liked this sexy vampire version better too.

1. That time they REALLY overdid it after Heads-Up.

Angus makes people pretty riled up over getting the top score on Heads Up. This was, without a doubt, the CRAZIEST and most ENTHUSIASTIC response we've ever had. We can't even.

Tags: The Wanted, The Wanted Break Up, The Wanted Split

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