Posted: 31 October, 2016

Osher Responds To Backlash Over Attending Derby Day Races

Image: @osher_gunsberg/ Instagram 

Osher Gunsberg revealed this morning, after posting photos of himself and fiance Audrey at Derby Day in Flemington, he copped a pretty negative response. 

"People started to get quite upset that I was there... as you know I don't eat animals."

"I've never really called myself vegan."

"I appreciate a lot of people are vegan because of ethical reasons, and I understand that because they're right into animal rights and animal activism."

"Never has that been the reason I don't eat meat."

In response to comments around the treatment of animals in the racing industry, Osher said he's done his research and is okay with it. 

I suit up in #mycalvins for #derbyday @calvinklein #foxfmbirdcage 👍🏻😉🌹🐴🚁

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"I'm a very big believer in going to see things first hand," he said. 

"I've gone to horse racing stables, I've seen how they get the horses ready for races, I've seen how they look after the horses after the races."

"I've done my research, and in my heart, I'm okay with it."

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