Posted: 20 October, 2016

Teresa Palmer Reveals The Real Mel Gibson On Set

"I expected him to be really serious."

Teresa Palmer sat down with Rove and Sam to chat about her upcoming film Hacksaw Ridge and gave us an inside scoop on what it's really like to work with director Mel Gibson.

"Being married to a director, did that prepare you for what it would be like to work with Mel Gibson?" Rove asked.

"Kind of! They're just such different people!" Teresa began. "Mel is the funniest guy. I mean, he's literally cracking everyone up on set all the time, which I just wasn't expecting!"

Teresa then revealed Mel Gibson's true personality while he's on set.

"And here's the other thing about him, most people I've worked with go into their trailers and get their assistants to get their lunch." Teresa continued. "But Mel would have lunch with the whole cast and crew, he would know everyone by name, would constantly by engaging with people."

"He's one of the most regular guys you could imagine and that to me, speaks of his spirit. That's really cool."

Teresa Palmer looked absolutely radiant in her baby doll dress, pretty much ready to burst with pregnancy! Check out the video below to catch them joking about it.

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