Posted: 16 September, 2016

Sam Frost's Heart Breaks For Nikki

"I was so invested in Nikki!"

It was the broken heart felt around the nation, when Bachelor Richie broke the news to Nikki that his heart belonged to competitor Alex. But noone felt it more than Sam Frost.

"She genuinely, hand on heart loved him!" Sam vented to Rove "Nikki, you're breaking my heart man!"

"When that red dress stepped out of the car, I was like oh no, Nikki's going home!"

And it seems Twitter shared Sam's sentiment, with some hilarious tweets making their way online following the decision.


"I was SO sure, I was so invested in Nikki, she's so down to earth and such a little legend!" Sam continued. "I'm sure Alex is a lovely person, I'm not angry at Alex. I'm just sad Nikki had her heart broken."

There's only one thing to do with this situation... NIKKI FOR THE BACHELORETTE! 

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