Posted: 18 October, 2016

Film Makers Reveal The Secrets Behind The Amanda Knox Documentary

"It was always important to us that both sides were represented"

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In 2007, Amanda Knox returned to her apartment in Perugia Italy, to discover her roommate Meredith Kercher had been brutally murdered. After police investigation Amanda and boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were found guilty and sentenced to 26 years in prison.

 In September this year, Netflix released a documentary entitled Amanda Knox, revealing the whole story, including interviews with Amanda and Raffaele themselves.

Rove and Sam spoke to the filmmakers Brian McGinn and Rod Blackhurst, who revealed the secrets behind putting together documentary.

"We let Amanda make the decision on her own to make the documentary" Brian McGinn and Rod Blackhurst told Rove and Sam "We approached her in 2011 after she and Raffaele were first acquitted and it took her two years to decide on her own accord that she was ready to talk to us."

One of the stand out components of the Amanda Knox documentary, is the volume of people surrounding the case that gave interviews. Not only Amanda and Raffaele gave interviews, but you also hear the case from the perspective of Nick Pisa, the key journalist reporting on the case and Italian prosecutor Giuliano Mignini.

"It wasn't until Giuliano Mignini came on board and wanted to talk that we knew we would have a film" McGinn and Blackhurst continued. "It was always important to us to make sure that both sides were represented, so we could see both versions of their truths as it related to the events."

Though the only key people not appearing in the film were Meredith's family.

"We approached Meredith's family whilst making the film and sent a copy to their representation before it was released to the public" McGinn and Blackhurst explained "We have a lot of respect for them and what they've gone through and it was important for us that people remember this film is about a tragedy."

Sam Frost expressed her dislike for the comments made by journalist Nick Pisa in the documentary. "Do you think that if the media hadn't been so heavily involved, Amanda wouldn't have been convicted?" she asked.

"I don't think one component really lead to one outcome or another, what we saw was the media drove a lot of public opinion on the story" McGinn and Blackhurst responsed "Nick Pisa was one of the many journalists who covered the story. Nick was doing his job and had to turn around stories."

Sam Frost wrapped up the interview with a question everyone would want to know the answer to - do the filmmakers think Amanda is innocent or guilty?

"We built the film from the final Italian Supreme Court verdict." they responded "In 2015, the Italian Supreme Court found Amanda and Raffaele not guilty of Meredith's murder."

Tags: BrianMcGinn, RodBlackhurst, MeredithKercher, AmandaKnox, RaffaeleSollecito

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