Posted: 26 October, 2016

Dreamworld Tragedy Witness Recounts Events Following Accident

"It's like we were meant to have known what had happened!"

Rove and Sam spoke with a woman by the name of Natalie, who attended Dreamworld with her son and some friends yesterday and was moments from riding the Thunder River Rapids ride.

"We had gone on that ride earlier in the day and after visiting the crocs we were tossing up whether to do the log ride or the rapid ride again next." Natalie revealed to Rove and Sam "The line seemed a little too long at the rapids, so we went on the log ride first and came back to go on it, but when we got there, we were told to move on."

Natalie recounts to Rove and Sam what it was like in the theme park after the fatal accident occurred.

"We were sitting under the claw ride for a while and noticed the news helicopters and police helicopters above us." Natalie said. "Then we noticed police walking through, park staff running and we could hear people saying in passing that the park was shutting down."

"It wasn't until we were leaving that staff were saying if anyone witnessed what happened on the rapids ride today, locate police etc. It was like we were just meant to have known what had happened!"

Hear more of Natalie's recount in the full video.

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