Posted: 1 December, 2016

Woody's Year Long Gumtree Swap

From trackies to 2.5k!

We either love or hate a cheeky little Gumtree swap! For most it's an annoying text bargaining your already cheap item, but for some you'll grab yourself a bargain!

Woody is kind of on his own level, who started a YEAR LONG Gumtree swap, all from a pair of red trackie pants.

From red trackies to a CPR doll... We named her Annie.

Woody and Annie shared a special relationship...


-_- very special...

Woody got over Annie pretty quickly though and moved on to Man's other BFF.... 

A gaming console.... 

From there he upgraded pretty quickly to the little blue mobile (which we soon found out was probably not an upgrade)

The car did come in handy though and was the star of our first Uber challenge. 

We had to get the car towed away and started again with a fresh UP N GO! What could possibly be better than a strawberry Up'N'Go you ask?? A lifetime supply of condoms... OF COURSE!

So who in the WORLD would be game enough to get on air and swap for this basket of condoms??? THIS GUY

 And he gave us a brand spankin new GOPRO!!!!!!!!!

Swapping the GoPro turned out to be a little harder then we thought... Turns out a bunch of people got these babies FO FREE... So we waited and waited until the perfect swap came into our hands. 

We were now the proud owners of a sparkly new unwanted engagement ring.... 

Who new this baby would get us the most iconic car in WA!!!! (Plus a few chookies)

In the most ladzy show of the year, Woody and Producer Jack flew down Roberts Road in their new show car, Sharon the Bush Chook.

The end game was a boat... well a YACHT. We tried and we tried but Perth boat owners weren't giving up the goods! So we made an ad. 

Even the World's sexiest ad couldn't get us a boat. 

What's better than a boat? Making a HUGE difference for Melanoma WA.

A $2,500 difference!!! All thanks to our buddy Koste!!

 We've had some great times with Sharon, but we know she's gone to the best home in Perth!! Watch the final swap below.

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