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Profession Confessions
Bank tellers, hotel managers, zoo keepers… Everyone has an interesting theory of stuff that goes on in their particular field of work and we want to hear yours…
Eg; Bank Tellers – Have you borrowed money from the vault? Zoo Keepers – have you taken a date in the enclosures after hours to impress them?
Does That Make Me Crazy?
Let’s be honest girls, we tend to do some crazy things in the pursuit of a fella… Endless calls from a blocked number, pretending you have a better job than you actually do or even sending fake texts… Let us know your crazy behaviour and we’ll check with our listeners to see what they think.
We Got One!
We (particularly Jules) love to go out on a ledge and ask some weird questions… The aim of the game is to throw a question out and get at least ONE caller – for example “Have you died?” or “Are you giving birth right now?”. Leave your suggestions for WE GOT ONE and we may give it a go on the show!
Is It Amazing?
Do you think you have an amazing story but you’re just not sure how amazing it is? Whether it was an amazing coincidence, a Email us your tale and we might get you to tell it on the show so we can judge just how amazing it actually is!