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Woman Severely Burns Breast After Falling Asleep On Charging iPhone

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Dionne Baxter probably won’t be sleeping with her iPhone in bed again after it left her breast severely burnt and scarred.

The 24-year-old English woman woke up with a nasty burn across a large part of her breast after rolling onto her charging iPhone 4 in her sleep.

Since she was sleeping nude, her skin was unprotected from the hot phone, resulting in a severe 5-inch burn on her breast.

The woman woke up in a lot of pain and rushed herself to the hospital.

As if it wasn’t already bad enough, the burn got infected and Baxter was left with a large red welt.

Baxter told The Sun that she now worries about being able to breast feed if she has another child. 

iPhone batteries are notorious for dying very quickly so it’s no wonder we have to have them on charge 24/7… but this might make you think twice about where you leave it to charge!

Take a look at the burns here - WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised.


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