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Top 10 Most Extreme Foods To Try When Travelling

Warning: This article may make your stomach churn

One of the bests parts of travelling is the food, right? Tacos in Mexico, crossiants in France, pad thai in Thailand. But not all travel delicacies are so appetising.

We've assembled the top ten most extreme foods to try while travelling. We're pretty sure these will make even the wildest of food samplers hesitate. 

1. Thousand Year Egg, China

These black eggs are made by preserving eggs in a mixture of ash, salt, quick lime, rice huls and clays for several weeks… or months. Yum. 

2. Chahuis AKA beetles, Mexico. 

There are a variety of beetles eaten in Mexico which are toasted and eaten with tottilla. Apparently they need to be well cooked otherwise they can be a little bit bitter. Good to know. 



3. Belut AKA Boiled Duck Embryo, Vietnam, The Philippines

The ideal balut is 17 days in the Philippines, but Vietnamese people prefer the 19-21 days old ones.


4. Tuna Eyeball in Japan

Generally served in sushi restaurants this delicacy isn’t for the squeamish. It’s not eaten raw but lightly cooked to avoid becoming rubbery. 


5. A -Ping AKA fried Tarantulas, From Cambodia

Many Khumer women believe this crunchy delicacy will make them beautiful. What started as a desperate attempt to find nourishment during the horrific and tragic Khumer Rouge regime has become a local dish. 


6. Hákarl AKA fermented and dried shark, Greenland

Made from a Greenladn shark or sleeper shark – the carcases are cured by burying them deep in the ground and covered with sand, gravel and stones to press the liquids out and fermented for 6 – 12 weeks. It’s then cut into strips and left to dry for several months. 


7. Ox Penis, China

It’s worth acknowledging that China is massive and has a huge range of food traditions. Served in soup or on skewers many Chinese believe it helps boost male virility. Interestingly this photograph is from New York – so the tradition has spread. 


8. Fruit Bat Soup, Palau, Micronesia

9. Cazu Marzu AKA Rotton Cheese, Italy

This traditional sheep milk cheese is set outside to allow cheese flied to lay eggs inside it – the larvae break down the cheese fats and ferment it. Clear the worms before eating, or don’t, that’s your preference. 

10.  Blodplättar (Swedish) or veriohukainen (Finnish) AKA blood pancakes

These pancakes are made from blood and other more normal ingrdients such as milk, barley, eggs and butter are often served with pork or reindeer meat.

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