Posted: 15 August, 2014 by Web Guy Oscar

Hot Dog Cop

Controversy Surrounding Cops Actions

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Did this cop do the right thing? 

Cop Saves Woman From Choking On Hot Dog

Controversy surrounds a recent clip posted to youtube which took place in Kalamazoo, Mississippi

A woman got pulled over by an policeman Jason Gates at 11.20am on Saturday 9th August for running a red light. 

Video captures the woman highly distressed allegedly choking on a hotdog and bun. The officer then performs the Heimlich manoeuvre dislodging the food from her throat. 

Comments on the video have suggested she may have done it on purpose to try and get out of the fine. 

It is unknown whether she got fined… it appears she was grateful for the officers actions as she began crying and hugging the Safety Officer. 

Tags: Viral, Trending

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