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17 People Who Still Had A Sense Of Humour After Being Fired

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Losing your job is tough, especially in today’s economy. But if you can manage to look on the bright side (or just plain ridiculous side) like these people, it might make it that little bit less painful.

17. I interviewed at a company because my friend referred me. The day I got hired was the day she got fired. I guess I was her replacement lol.

16. I tell everyone I got laid off from a job because of pay cuts but I got fired because I stole people’s food from the fridge. 

15. Today I got fired from my job. Why? Apparently taking 10 minutes to take a dump is too long for some people.

14. I got fired from my night job as a stock boy for:
- Playing board games (instead of working)
- Sleeping in the bedding section (instead of working)
- Playing tag (instead of working)
- Leaving odd Polaroids throughout the store
- Sitting/resting in the ice chest (instead of working)
- Not realising they had hidden security cameras
- Not really caring that they had hidden security cameras

13. I just got fired from my job. My parents own the restaurant I work at.

12. I was just fired because I couldn’t staple papers to my boss’ satisfaction.

11. I got fired from my job yesterday. Today I showed up and clocked in for work. How long before they notice?

10. I fell asleep on the toilet and nearly got fired today.

9. I was fired from work today for farting in a very important meeting.

8. I got fired from a well-known fast food chain for not smiling enough.

7. I got fired from my dream job and stepped in poop today. 

6. I got fired from my first job. I was employed by my grandmother.

5. I got fired from my job because I would breathe too loud when the temperature would rise now and then. I worked in a pizza place.

4. Got fired from my job today because I called in sick last night to go to the Warriors game and my boss saw me on TV.

3. Last week I slept with my boss, I got fired today… it was worth it.

2. I farted in class today and blamed the teacher. She got fired. Whoops.

1. I was a mover and one day we had to pack the customer’s stuff into boxes. I had dresser duty, which was filled with vibrators and a hilarious photo of the customer with a moustache and a hairy chest sitting in hot tub. Anyway, I put a winking smiley face on the box containing all the stuff and was canned a few day later.


Tags: Scoopla, Trending, Fired

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