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13 Photos That Facebook Accidentally Banned

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Facebook is a massive social media giant where lots of photos are posted daily.

Some of these photos are rightly banned, but in some cases, Facebook does get it wrong.

Check out some of the pics that Facebook has accidentally deleted off the site.

1. The Drought Relieved Farmer

The photo was removed off Facebook for breaching the social networks community posting standards, more specifically for nudity.

It came about after rain over a weekend in drought affected parts of New South Wales brought relief to farmers across the state.

This farmer was so happy with the rain that he stripped off and posted this photo.

2. When Art Is Not Art?

The Vatican doesn't have any problems with the below images, however Facebook does.

It has removed these paintings numerous times from pages that post them.  Facebook has responded to these claims by saying that they were "accidentally removed"... lots of times.

3. And again...

Another breastfeeding photo was removed off a 'Breastfeeding' support page.

Facebook says it was removed in error, and the user who posted the image was notified of the error and sent an apology.

4. The Belly Bagel

... also known as a 'Donut Belly'.

Who would've thought Facebook wouldn't appreciate this!

5. What A Boob Up

Facebook accidentally deleted this pic of a woman enjoying a soak in her bath.

The social media site revealed that they believed the elbows in the image were the woman's breasts and promptly removed the photo under the site's 'Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.'

After they'd realised the error, and the media has picked up on the story, Facebook apologised for the removal of the boob elbow shot!

6. Oh, Baby!

A distressed mother demanded answers from Facebook after they took down photographs of her son, who was born with a rare birth defect.

The mother said there was nothing wrong with this photos, and reuploaded them to her account, however Facebook took the extreme action of banning her of the social media site.

Facebook refused to comment on this.

7. Half A Woman

Facebook removed this photo in October 2012 after Australian men's magazine Zoo Weekly posted a woman in a bikini cut in half asking the question "Left or right?"

Complaints to Facebook were over the sexist nature of the post, therefore was removed.

8. Effin Hell

The tiny Irish town of Effin has been banned from Facebook after the social media site labelled it as"offensive".

Although the town is a common alternative to a certain "F" word, it's actually a real place in County Limerick in Ireland that has existed for hundreds of years.

9. The Acrobat

This photo was removed as part of the social media site's community posting standards for nudity, although the original poster of the image says there is no nudity in the image.

10. The Kiss

The photo of two men kissing breached Facebook's decency code, which bans images of a "political, sexual or otherwise sensitive" nature.

It was an pic by well-known Spanish photographer as part of a 'Gay Art Looks For A Home' initiative and documentary.

Facebook later restored the image saying that "upon investigation, we concluded the advertisement does not violate our guidelines and was removed in error. The ad in now running and we apologize for the incovenience."

11. Child's Play

A mother was banned off Facebook after she posted the image below.

It was of her children who were playing "mother and baby", pretending to breastfeed.

The social media site told her it violated the company's community standards.  Interestingly, US police said it was an example of "poor parenting".

12. The Backyard Tradition

It's something that has happened for generations.  It's also a priceless shot, and one that undoubtedly will show it's face at 18th birthday celebrations in years to come.

Facebook didn't like the photo and contacted the woman, telling her they would remove the photo if she didn't remove it herself and censor it.

The woman obliged with the "censored" sign below.

13. User Agreement Violation?

A woman from the US was banned from Facebook after she posted pics of her son who is affected with Down's Syndrome.

Facebook deemed the photos as "inappropriate", but has since apologised for the "human error".

Her account was enabled again after three days.

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