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10 Steps To The Ultimate Summer Body!

How to get a summer body without (too much) sweat!

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It's almost September - and for many people that means time to FREAK out. Bikinis, short shorts, singlets... all just a few months away. 

But don't worry - pull that gym membership out of the bottom of your bag, dust off those trainers and take on these top fitness tips!  Not only will you look good in time for summer - you'll feel great! 

1. Make a good playlist

Any regular gym goer will tell you good music is the key to staying motivated – and scientists have proven it. The key is choosing tracks who have a BPM (beats per minute) that closely matches your heart rate.

 2. Make a list

Like any good thing in life – you have to make a plan. Know exactly what exercises you’ll be doing that day and make sure you do them – we suggest making a list on your phone or a notebook that you can take to the gym/park/your living room with you.

This will mean you use your time wisely, you’ll get better results from completing full workouts and you’ll get that amazing “I just ticked off my to-do list satisfaction”.

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3. Track your goals and accomplishments – all of them!

Many people will put a goal weight or 5k time on their fridge – but have you considered writing down what you have already done? Accompanying your goals with your achievement – for example: how much weight you have already lost, will make you feel like you’re half way there already.

Make sure you choose goals apart from scale weight -  try increase your squat weight, the number of push ups you can do without stopping or the number of burpees you can do in five minutes. Each week, try and top this!

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4. Eat treats.

It’s easier to motivate yourself to diet if you are exercising – and a diet is key to reaching your goals. But don’t forget to indulge – for many people stealing a few chips off their partner’s plate or having a small piece of chocolate after dinner gives them the emotional satisfaction they need to stick to their diet – and avoid a full on binge later on! The fittest people are always those who take a moderate and sensible approach to dieting. 

5. Focus on form

Don’t hurt yourself. When trying a new exercise make sure you employ the help of a professional to make sure you’re doing it perfectly – not only will this make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck, it also means you’re less likely to hurt yourself.

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6. Get high

…On endorphins and oxygen!

In the words of Elle Woods, “Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy. Happy people don’t shoot their husbands.”

Use the happiness promotion and stress relief as motivation to hit the gym regularly. 

7. Get a workout partner

Workout partners are great for many reasons; they’ll help keep you motivated and on track, and they help you push past plateaus and sometimes its just nice to see a friendly face. 

Having someone meet you for that 6am spin class will make sure you haul your butt out of bed when your alarm rings – in turn you’ll be there to help them when they are struggling.

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8. Follow your gut.

Mix it up! If you don’t feel like hitting the gym head down to your local park for sprints and pull ups. If you’re not feeling 100% try an incline treadmill walk for 20 minutes to see how you feel. If you love Zumba but you’re read in a fitness mag that it doesn’t burn as many calories as spinning ignore them –  doing what you love is the best way to exercise.

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9. Love your body.

Appreciate everything your body can do. Chunky thighs? You’re naturally built for squats.  Big build? You’ll be benching more than the naturally lean dude next to you in no time.

10. Remember, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

Getting in good shape is not something that happens overnight. It’s not something that happens in a week and it’s not a hobby or something to do every once in a while. Staying in shape is a way of life.

While upcoming summer weather might be the best motivator for now, it’s important you don’t jump ahead of yourself and do more than you’re capable of.

Start slow and stick with it – you’ll have your best body ever in no time!

Bonus: Remember that your weight doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things.

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