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10 Inspiring People Who Prove You’re Never Too Old To Dance

These people will put a smile on your face, no matter what.

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Let's face it, there's something about a person who society says should be old, sensible and acting age-appropriate saying "screw it" and busting out some moves that just makes everyone feel good. 



Here's 10 inspiring grandparents who prove that you're never too old to dance. 

1. An oldie but a goodie!

Old Man Dancing At CES 2009! Funny!! (Original Vid)

2. The music makes this EVEN better. 

97 Year Old Woman has more life in her than you!

3. I want her shirt!

97 year old Granny dancing to Just Dance 2 - HOT STUFF!

4. This woman has more moves than your average 20 year old on a night out!


5. This is probably my favourite group of dancers ever!

Old people Daning with Michael Jackson

6. I love my grandparents - but I'd like this one too!

Dancing Grandpa

7.  This lady has earned the name “Grandma Pop’n’lock” for good reason – her friend does a pretty good job too. 

Grandma Pop Lock & Drop It

8. And this video. Well if you weren’t sure watching people old enough to be your granparents get down would make you happy, this should do it. 

Tags: Dancing, Videos, YouTube, Trending

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