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10 Facebook Scams People Actually Fall For

If it's too good to be true - it probably is!

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Let’s face it. We’re all a little bit obsessed with Facebook – so much that it can cloud our judgement. For some, that might be stalking or befriending an ex, but for others, it can cost them seriously.

Bitdefender has released a list of the top ten Facebook scams. They say clicking on these will lead users to a website where they will be asked to download and install programmes. These can be viruses or malware that can potentially harm your system or worse, steal your private information. We reveal the scams below. 

1.    Total profile views/visitors.

The scam: An app or software that lets you see either how many views your Facebook profile has received or who has been visiting your profile. This capability does not exist.

Erin* from the UK revealed online that she clicked on the scam as she was worried about her own browsing habits.
“I knew if he (a  friend) could see I’d been looking at his page it would be about a million times. I would be so embarrassed.”
She said once clicking on the page it redirected her to a download for serious malware, and despite clicking cancel the download would not stop.
She never saw her total profile views.

2. Change your Facebook colour. 

The scam: Facebook isn’t like Bebo: You can’t change its main colors. This is a scam that targets younger Facebook users – and before you get excited about a shiny new pink or purple Facebook profile – remember, it’s always a scam.

Josh* of Sydney explained what happened after clicking on the link.
“It  takes you to a page where you get to click on one of five colours. You have to allow the app to access your personal information first then it targets you with all kinds of survey scams. It’s just annoying and now I’m worried who has my information,” he revealed.

3. Rihanna's sex tape.


The scam: There is no Rihanna sex tape, sorry guys!  But sometimes people get a little excited and click…It’s been revealed the scam is similar to others – designed to trick Facebook users into spamming their friends with scam and shifty downloads.
Bree admitted she didn’t get fooled but her friends did. “Now I see it all the time and everytime I report the video as “sexual content” and when Facebook DID review the content I reported, according to them, it “didn't violate their sexual content\pornography rule” which, in my opinion, majorly SUCKS!"

4. Free Facebook T Shirts


The scam: Free T-shirts are great (we guess?). Unfortunately, you probably won’t get one via Facebook. 


5. Say goodbye to Blue Facebook

The scam: Again, people want to change the colour of Facie. And, simply put, you can't. 

6.  Free iPads!

The scam: Facebook pages with names such as “iPad Researchers Wanted - Get An iPad Early And Keep It!” and “The Mega iPad Giveaway!” prey on the public's desire to own a free iPad.

Luke*, of California, revealed he fell for the call of free technology:
“First you have to become a fan of the page, then you have to invide your friends… then you click “claim”,” he revealed. “They they take you to an online quiz where you have to put in your phone number for results. I was signed up to a new cellphone service which cost me $10 a month on my phone until I noticed.”
Facebook has historically been very fast to shut down scams like this, but it doesn’t stop copycat scammers quickly launching very similar scans.

7.   Check if a friend has deleted you (2.27 percent)

The scam: There are extensions and websites that can help you find out who has deleted you on Facebook. DO NOT CLICK THIS.

After moving to a new school, Tim* revealed he was concerned his former friends had disowned him.
“I clicked and it took me from page to page, asking for more information and asking for more permissions. It got to a point where I was asked to install software and I stopped. It wasn’t worth it.”

8. Check your Top 10 stalkers.


Louis*, revealed she got into Facebook a few years after everyone else when she retired and had more time on her hands – and admitted she was initially very naïve. “I was caught up in the whole thing and got very excited to see old friends. I couldn’t help but click on these links. Soon there were surveys on my screen and my computer became very slow. My son-in-law sorted everything out for me but it was very scary. I’ll always be very careful on the internet now.” 

9. Find out how to see who viewed your profile (1.55 percent)

The scam: As above, this is impossible.

10. Just changed my Facebook theme. It’s amazing (1.50 percent)

The scam: If you REALLY hate what Facebook looks like, why not try MySpace or Google+? Anyway, still totally imposssible.

*Names have been changed to respect identity. 

Tags: Facebook, Scams, Online, Trending

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