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11 Everyday Things Dirtier Than Your Toilet Bowl

You probably touch these everyday!

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If someone asked you to even TOUCH a toilet bowl you probably wouldn’t oblige, would you? Gross.  


But did you know you’re touching and holding things far dirtier than your toilet every, single day.

You’re probably touching one of them right now.


1. Kitchen Sponge

It might seem odd, but very sponge that takes the grit off of your dishes and bathroom sink, is really the dirtiest of them all. The yellow and green icon of the kitchen is really a cozy home for germs. Its moist, micro-crevices make it harder to disinfect, so instead of wiping surfaces clean with a sponge, users are really just transferring bacteria from one place to another. They also smell weird. 


2. Your TV Remote

How many times have you touched this with food on your hands? Or even just a hard day's dirt. Add to that the MRSA, VRE, and SARS bacteria that is easily transferable by touching TV remotes, and you've got yourself one dirty everyday object. 


3. ATM 

Recent studies found ATMs to have high levels of bacillus and pseudomonads, two bacteria famous for causing sickness and diarrhea. Interestingly enough these are the same bacteria that infest public toilets. So next time you reach to type in your PIN 


4. Crossing Buttons

Looking both ways before crossing the road may not be enough to stay out of the dangerzone these days. Crosswalk buttons were actually found to have high levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule that signals the presense of yeast, bacteria, and mold cells.


5. Door handle

A lot of people wash their hands before leaving the bathroom, but more people than you may think don't. Modern door knobs are designed with anti-bacterial properties but they take hours to kill bacteria, and non-bacterial door knobs have it even worse. Hands are one of the dirtiest parts of the human body and all of that bacteria just gets put right onto door knobs and transferred onto your own hands.


6. Computer Keyboard

In a study from a British consumer group in 2009, 33 computer keyboards were randomly sampled and out of these tested, four were considered a health hazard. One was even discovered to have more bacteria than your average toilet. The best way ti clean a keyboard to spray the keyboard with a can of compressed air and wipe with a cloth dipped in mild detergent.


7. Shopping Trolley

Imagine how many people visit your supermarket a day, imagine how many of them get trolleys. How many of them have a cold? How many of them don't wash their hands? Yep you got it...  thank goodness supermarkets are providing sanitiser wipes now!

8. Gear knob

When did you last clean your gear knob? The gear stick in your car gets touched all the time but is rarely cleaned. Imagine all the fast food and money you have handled right before putting your hand right back on the shifter knob. Maybe now is a good time to clean it?

9. Fridge door

This may seem liked a "duh" item on this list, but notable nonetheless. The fridge handle has the same reasoning behind it as the doorknob, but worse. Think about all those things you may be touching before touching the handle: raw meats, eggs, dairy. Prime conditions can allow bacteria to multiply within 20 minutes, so grab that dirty sponge get a scrubbin'.


10. Your Mobile

New research from the United Kingdom show that mobile phones are a technological petri dish for tens and thousands of germs, mainly due to the heat that they generate as well as the bacteria it shares with your hands and face. 

11. Toilet Lock

At least the inside of the toilet bowl gets rinsed off a little bit with every flush, the latch on the door though…probably never. In fact, theres a good chance that since the stall was constructed it hasn’t been cleaned at all. Just another reason to wash your hands.

Tags: Germs, Gross, Toilet

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