Posted: 10 July, 2014 by Web Guy Christian

Worst, But Maybe The Best, Night Club Promo Ever!

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With so many clubs and bars to choose from these days, you have to really stand out from the crowd to attract patrons. This club certainly does but we’re not exactly sure it’s for the right reasons!

The hilarious promo video for Bounce by the Ounce was filmed at Rumes Nightclub in Preston, about an hour north of both Manchester and Liverpool, in northwestern England. 

The video, at 4 minutes long, has a whole cast of crazy dancing characters who are clearly giving their all while busting a move.

A particular favourite of internet fans is the so called “Crazy Guy,” who appears at about 1:40 into the clip and has now been put into his own videos looping just his section. 

Watch the clip below and be sure to keep on the lookout for more… Bounce for the Ounce 2 is coming soon!

Bounce by the Ounce

Source: YouTube

Tags: Scoopla, Trending, Nightclub, YouTube

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