Posted: 8 July, 2014 by Web Girl Sarah

Sleeping Baseball Fan Sues For HOW MUCH?

Claims Broadcast Made Him Feel Like A "Fatty Cow"

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Does this photo look embarrassing to you? How embarrassing?

Is is TEN MILLION DOLLARS worth of embarrassing? Because this guy thinks so.

A few months ago at a major league baseball game, this very sleepy man was caught on the live broadcast having a little nap in his chair.

Now, we’ve been to baseball in the States, and quite honestly, don’t blame him for taking a wee snooze. But apparently the commentators thought his nap was comedy gold and spent a (whopping) 90 seconds ridiculing the man on air. He also made the highlights of the game. 

According to sleeping beauty, a 26 year old Yankees fan, the comments made him feel “socially bankrupt” and like a “fatty cow”. 

So naturally, the guy is suing ESPN and the commentators for a tidy $10 million.

Tell him he’s dreaming. 

Tags: USA, Trending, Scoopla, Baseball

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