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Mum’s Hilarious Life With Bradley Cooper Cardboard Cutout!

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An American woman has started a creative yet totally random project on Instagram called My Life With Bradley Cooper and all we can say is… why the hell not?!

The mother of two posts photos of her going about her day-to-day life but the only difference is, the photos include a life-size cardboard cutout of Bradley Cooper! On her website, she kind of explained why she’s doing it.

“The fact is, while most of us don't actually live our lives with movie stars, many of us wish we did. If I want a life with Bradley Cooper, well, then… I’ll just make one up,” she wrote.

And judging by the photos, that’s exactly what she’s done!

Bradley helps around the house…

He helps with the kids…

He’s a  great shopping companion… 

The cute couple spend a lot of quality time together…

And what about her actual husband? That’s where things get awkward…

It must be some sort of trend… check out our other cardboard cutout story here!


Tags: Scoopla, Trending, Bradley Cooper, Instagram

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