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It's Not A Competition! Australia's Sexual Exploits Revealed!

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Luxury sex toy brand LELO has conducted its biggest global sex survey yet, comparing the participating countries of the World Cup 2014 to reveal who comes out on top - off the pitch. The results are sizzling! 

·         53% of Aussies have had 1-8 sexual partners, while 20% have slept with over 20 people. Switzerland’s on top with 26% of people claiming to have slept with 20 people or more

·         France is the champion sex cheat, with 75% of people admitting to foul play. Australians and Belgians appear to cheat the least – well, admit the least…

·         Half of Australia has faked an orgasm.

·         The Greeks followed by Italians and Brazilians rate their own performance in the sack the highest, considering themselves “experts”.

·         Australia holds the record of quickest time to score with 10% of the population calling match time within 10 minutes (the global average for foreplay and intercourse is 32.5mins).

·         93% of Aussies own or have used a sex toy.

Want to know more? Check out the charts below!

Tags: Sex, Trending, Scoopla

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