Posted: 4 July, 2014 by Web Girl Sarah

Cats Dressed At Humans? Yes Please!

The Creepy-Cool Art Project Catlovers Will Adore

Do you love cats so much you sometimes think that you might just... want to become one?

For the lucky friends and family of photographer Sebastian Magnani, this fantasy is now a reality! 

The photographer used photo manipulation to morph photos of cats into their owners and the results are stunning - it a little creepy! 

"I am… so fascinated by the eyes of cats. Unlike dogs, cats all the same head form, so there is not so much difference between each other.

It is in the eye of the beholder whether cats look like their owners like people say dogs do. But for me the eyes so strong and characterful."

The photographer revealed each cat portrait took around eight hours. Now that's dedication!

Images: Elite Daily/Daily Mail

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