Posted: 25 July, 2014 by Web Guy Josh

Best Invention EVER: Microwaveable Spray Cake Batter!

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If you’ve ever been at home craving a bite of cake but couldn’t be bothered baking or going to buy one, this is the invention for you!

A couple of Harvard students invented ‘Spray Cake’, an aerosol can containing ready-to-bake cake batter which you simple spray into a dish, microwave and in just a few moments you’ll have a cake! 

Now you really can have your cake and eat it too… let’s hope it makes its way to Australia soon!

CBS Boston covered the yummy story recently… check it out below.  Harvard Students Invent Microwavable Cake Batter, 'Spray Cake'

Source: YouTube

Tags: Scoopla, Trending, Cake, Microwave

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