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The Most Heartwarming Animal Rescue Ever

A mother's puppies are saved after she's hit by car

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Hope For Paws' Eldad Hagar had heard about a female dog and her puppies, who were homeless and living without food and clean water on the side of the road in a remote area of California.

Hagar decided to head out to the location and drop off some food and water for the dogs, and check up on their health.

The following day during his visit to see the dogs, a local man told him that Gaia (as she was affectionately named) had been hit by a car and died shortly up the road, leaving three beautiful and healthy puppies to fend for themselves.

The three puppies were alone, scared and probably wouldn't survive without their mother.  As you will see in the video, the pups were reluctant to come out of the drain they were hiding in.

This is one truly amazing animal rescue.


Hope For Paws is a non-profit American organisation, and you can find out more information on them here.  For Australian information on helping out all animals, you can go to the RSPCA website here.

Dog rescue in central California (Gaia, Sydney, Matilda & Gabriella) - Please share.

Tags: Animals, Rescue, Hope For Paws

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