Posted: 7 April, 2014 by Jen Pearce

Dogs Being Trained To Sniff Out Cancer

Dog Max smelt Maureen had cancer before any medical scans

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Dog Max Saved Maureen from CancerYoutube

Maureen’s dog Max saved her life by sniffing out her cancer, and scientist have started training dogs to save our lives. Watch this unbelievable story.

Maureen’s dog Max started acting very sad and putting his nose up to a small lump in Maureen’s breast, even though an MRI scan showed no cancer, Maureen could tell something was wrong…

Dogs can pick up the smallest changes in chemicals in our bodies, and Max is real proof of that. Now dogs are being trained to save our lives by detecting the chemical reactions in our bodies. From cancer, to diabetes and anaphylactic shock, dogs are starting to save our lives. 

Watch this amazing video.

Dogs Can Smell Cancer - Secret Life of Dogs - BBC

Tags: Dog, Cancer, Scoopla, Trending, Video

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