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Expectant Mum Gets Unexpected Video

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Today is World Down Syndrome Day, and this video is one of the most touching we've ever seen.

An email was received by CoorDown, an Italy based Down syndrome advocacy group, early last month announcing that she was "expecting a baby".

She wrote, "I've discovered he has Down syndrome. I'm scared: what kind of life will my child have?"

The organisation replied in the most heartwarming way that you could imagine.

15 people with Down syndrome were asked to tell the expecting mother what she can expect from her beautiful newborn.

If you'd like more information on Down syndrome, support or would like to donate, please visit the Down Syndrome Australia website here.

DEAR FUTURE MOM | March 21 - World Down Syndrome Day | #DearFutureMom

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Tags: Scoopla, Trending, Down Syndrome

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