Posted: 25 February, 2014 by Jen Pearce


Adorable puppies that look like pandas

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Adorable Puppy PandasImagineChina

What happens when you mix the markings of a panda with puppies? These cute little guys! Did you just die of cuteness? Because we did!

These adorable little guys were born in Yancheng City, China, just last month.

Cute Puppy PandasImagine China

They do appear to be the real deal, but an alarming trend of pet owners dying their furry friends like wild animals did sweep through China a few years ago. Traditional hair dyes may be safe for humans use, but it doesn’t make them safe for pet fur and there are warnings they may be detrimental to pets health. So don’t go trying this at home.

Just look at these cute little guys, do we give them bamboo or a bone? Adorable!

Puppy Pandas continueImagine China

Oh So Cute Puppy PandasImagine China

Oh The Cuteness Puppy PandasImagine China

Tags: Puppy-pandas, Scoopla, Trending

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