Posted: 3 February, 2014 by Brettney

Ghost Caught On CCTV In Aussie Pub

See the eerie video here!

Tags: Ghost, CCTV, Supernatural, Eerie

A pub in a Sydney suburb is being haunted by a spirit of a different kind than they're used to.

The Carlisle Castle Hotel in Newtown, in Sydney's Inner West, has caught some strange happenings on CCTV footage.

Peter Bradbury, the licensee, noticed bottles and glasses falling to the floor when no one was near the area where things were breaking.


Wine glasses have fallen off racks, beer taps have been turned on and mysterious glowing entities have shown up in the videos that the hotel posted to their Facebook page.


What do you think? Paranormal activity, or something more logical?
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Tags: Ghost, CCTV, Supernatural, Eerie

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