Posted: 12 February, 2014 by Brettney

Daring Thieves Film Robbery

Real or elaborate hoax?

Tags: Trending, Theft, Robbery, GoPro

Thieves have uploaded footage of an armed robbery, filmed from their perspective with what appears to be multiple GoPro cameras.

The video was put onto the site 'LiveLeak' under an anonymous account, and it's unclear whether or not the footage is real or an elaborate hoax.

WARNING: The videos in this article may not be suitable for all viewers.  Viewer discretion is advised.

In one video, the robbers pull into the car park of a supermarket and get out of their van before running into the store.

The video below was uploaded with certain features blurred, and no sound.

Customers in the store can be seen panicked, with workers at the checkout raising their arms.

On one of the videos, it shows a thief leading the store manager to the safe to open.

A commenter on the LiveLeak video claims that the thieves are using airguns, which proves the footage is fake.

Another person wrote "I'm expecting a reveal in the last video of whatever this is for."

Tags: Trending, Theft, Robbery, GoPro

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