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Australia's Biggest Websites Back Then

Checking out what your fave sites looked like way back!

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It's been a fast ride since the early 90's when the Internet started to gain popularity to now, and it seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

At Scoopla, we got to thinking about what some of our fave websites used to look like way back in Internet time.

Check out the very retro looking sites below!

1. Qantas (February 1997)

A long way from the simple design of today, the old Qantas website was busy introducing us to the arrival of Qantas on your mobile.  Check out those vintage phones!  We had the Nokia one!

2. Telstra (August 1997)

3. NineMSN (1997)

4. Google (1998)

5. YouTube (2005)

Looking more like a dating website than the video site we're used to today.  The very first video that was uploaded was from the sites founder, Jawed Karim, and was a 19 second video titled "Me at the Zoo".

6. Facebook (2004)

Originally called '[thefacebook]' and intended to keep students in touch with each other at Harvard University.

7. Twittr (now Twitter) (2006)

8. Yahoo!7 (2000)

9. i7 (now Yahoo!7) (1998)

10. Hotmail (1998)

11. (2000)

Tags: Australia Websites, Website, History, Time Machine

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