Posted: 27 February, 2014 by Brettney

10 Crazy Council Complaints

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Local councils across Australia get some pretty weird and crazy complaints.  We don't envy the receptionists who take these calls from upset residents.

Here's ten of the best!

10. My child has a rash, what can I get to treat it?

9. You need to stop the swooping magpies

8. Can you revive that dead tree?

7. Gumnuts are falling on my roof. Can you stop them?

6. How long should I cook my roast for?

5. Can you send someone to stop my noisy neighbours having sex?

4. Remove the bush turkey from underneath my house!

3. The cockatoos are driving me crazy. They need to be removed!

2. Can you silence the cicadas?

1. The sand on the beach is way too hot!

Courtesy of NSW Councils

Tags: Scoopla, Trending, List

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