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Grieving Dad Receives Insensitive Letter

Company apologises for mailing error!

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A grieving father has received an insenstively address letter from American company OfficeMax.

The company sent Mike Seay a "junk mailout" last week that was addressed to "Mike Seay, Daughter Killed in Car Crash."

Seay lost his daughter Ashley, who was 17, in a car accident with her boyfriend a year ago.

The insenstive letter is believed to have been sent from personal data that was mined from another corporation to OfficeMax.

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LA Times

The company has since issued a statement saying that the mailing was "a result of a mailing list rented through a third-party provider" and apologised publically to Seay, however he hasn't received a personal phonecall from the company.

Seay told The LA Times that he'd contacted the call centre of OfficeMax last week, but they refused to admit that they'd sent the letter to him, and it was only until an NBC reporter contacted the company that they commenced an investigation into the letter.

He wants OfficeMax to come clean with how they came about this information, especially when he feels that they don't need to know this personal information about him.

"Why do they have that?" Seay said of the information about his daughter's death. "What do they need that for? How she died, when she died? It’s not really personal, but looking at them, it is. That’s not something they would ever need," he said.

Seay said that he expected the company to personally apologise, as his wife has been very upset about the letter and it has brought back sad memories.

Tags: Letter, Insensitive

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