Posted: 17 January, 2014 by Dan Hill

Dad Interrogates His Daughter

Finds Out Who The Favourite Parent Is

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It was the video that has been viewed over nine million times, and the sad news today that the Newcastle toddler in the video has died.

Parents Mick and Kerryn Tippett are coming to terms with the shock loss, after Maddie died of two strands of the common cold.

"Part of me feels that Maddie was meant to change the world and I feel sad that she didn’t get the chance,’ Kerryn said yesterday.

"But then I think in 10 years’ time someone will be having a bad day at the office and sit down and click on that video and it will cheer them up. That will be her legacy."

Our thoughts are with Mick and Kerryn at this very difficult time.

The video was originally put together for Maddie's grandparents in Perth ahead of her first birthday.

Maddie sure did make us, and millions of others around the world, smile.

Rest in peace little Angel x

Tags: Scoopla, Trending, Maddie

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