Posted: 10 December, 2013 by Scoopla Team

The World's Biggest Snickers Bar

Weighs 8 times more than a regular bar!

Tags: Snickers, Snickers Bar, World's Biggest


It's the world's biggest Snickers bar, and it could be yours for the sharing!

In Australia, the typical Snickers chocolate bar weighs 53 grams according to company Mars.

The monsterous sized one is eight and a half times the size, coming in at 454 grams and contains 2,000 calories.


If you're keen on the mammoth Snickers bar you can get them online from here.

This guy is clearly unimpressed with the mighty large share snack but we think it's quite the Christmas table centrepiece...  not to mention yummy too!

Tags: Snickers, Snickers Bar, World's Biggest

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