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Keep Fit Through Christmas

Healthy tips and tricks for the festive season!

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Did you know that half a cup of your fave chocolate covered nuts takes 271 steps to burn off?

It's well and truly the silly season, and the Australian Diabetes Council have some tips and tricks to keep you healthier during the holidays.

One Australian is diagnosed with diabetes every five minutes, so keeping the weight off and being healthy is more important than ever.


1. Why not try eating a mini pavlova topped with raspberries and low-fat yoghurt instead of fruit cake with custard.

2. Low-fat pretzels are a great alternative to salted nuts.

3. Try toasted pita bread with some salsa instead of crackers with dip.

4. Turkey breast without skin and cranberry sauce is a great healthy choice over turkey leg with skin and gravy.

5. Grab some low-fat ice cream with fruit salad instead of trifle.


1. Don't go to a Christmas or New Years Party on an empty stomach.  Make sure you eat a quality snack before you leave.

2. Fresh is really best! Make sure you enjoy the festive season with fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables.

3. Enjoy being around friends and family, and talk lots.  This will stop you being bored and snacking on the wrong foods.

4. Stack your plate the right way.  You should use half the plate for "free vegetables" which are those that aren't starchy (we're looking at you potatoes).  Have a quarter of the plate for your meats (without skin is best) and then the rest of the plate for a grainy bread roll, pasta or a roast potato.

5. Want to be good and stay away from alcohol? Easy. Volunteer to be the designated driver so you eliminate the temptation.

6. Keep hydrated.  Water will keep you feeling full.

7. Get your body moving with a dance, that way you'll burn those extra kilojules and calories.

8. Fill up on nutritious snacks like vegetable sticks, air-popped popcorn, pretzels, low-fat crackers and salsa.  These are much better for you than chocolate, salted nuts, gingerbread and candy canes.

9. Remember the Christmas comes once a year so if you do over-indulge, don't worry.  Just get back on track with your next meal, and have something light.

10. There's no need to fill yourself up with leftovers from Christmas lunch.  If you're not really hungry, eat something lighter and then enjoy the leftovers on Boxing Day.

For more information on diabetes, including great recipes and upcoming events, you can visit the Australian Diabetes Council website here.

Tags: Healthy, Health, Beauty, Christmas, Keep Fit, Fitness

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