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'The Voice' Contestant Johnny On Team Kylie, Touring And His Fans

Plus Johnny speaks out about 'The Voice Kids' controversy!

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Johnny performing on 'The Voice'. Image source: Channel 9

This week 'The Voice' announced the top 8 finalists who will prepare to tour nationally… one of which is 29-year-old Johnny Rollins from Team Kylie!

Scoopla's Charli Robinson had a chat to him about working with Kylie Minogue, and what goes on behind the scenes as soon as he gets off stage after a performance.

"Probably get on social media and check… you want to make sure you get back and say thank you to as many people as you can on the night."

Johnny is on Team Kylie. Image source: Channel 9

Johnny also responded to the recent comments by Stan Walker about 'The Voice Kids' controversy, when 12-year-old Romy was shown on national television in tears after failing to get through the blind auditions.

Stan Walker Slams The Voice Kids and Music Industry

"It is a pretty hard to thing to watch, you know a little kid up there… trying to do what they love doing and not quite get there."

"Not everybody is going to get through unfortunately. But what the coaches had to say was amazing and I think they did a really good job of consoling her and letting her know that it is okay not to get through and things like this do happen."

12-year-old 'The Voice Kids' contestant Romy was devastated when she didn't make it through. Image source: Channel 9

Being busy with the live shows, Johnny also admitted he hasn't begun rehearsals for the upcoming tour yet… but he is looking forward to the experience. 

"The [performance] I did on drums 'Am I Wrong' … I hope I get to do that one again [on tour] because that was probably the most fun I've had on stage this whole competition."

As for his fans, Johnny says "it's very nice to have that support there and I cannot thank everybody enough."


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Tags: The Voice, Johnny, Kylie Minogue, Top Eight, Tour, The Voice Kids

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