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Cameron Diaz Nudes Up For Sex Tape

Plus why the sex scenes weren't awkward!

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Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel sat down with our very own Mel B to chat about their new movie 'Sex Tape', and things turned to Diaz' bum crack.

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"I've showed my butt enough with like a bikini, but people just haven't seen the crack," Diaz explains.

"And now they've seen the crack and it's sort've like... some peoples cracks are long, some are too short... I feel like my crack, now that I've seen it from that perspective..."

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Check out why the sex scenes weren't awkward between Diaz and Segel in the video above.

'Sex Tape' is out this Thursday (July 17th) across Australia.

SEX TAPE Starring Cameron Diaz & Jason Segel - New Trailer - In Cinemas July 17

Tags: Cameron Diaz, Sex Tape

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