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Cameron Diaz In A Sex Tape... Need We Say More?!

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After ten years together and two children, Diaz and her husband - played by the always entertaining Jason Segel - decide to spice things up a little, and make a home video (and no, not the PG kind.)

They somehow hit a technical glitch and their three hour video (impressive right?) is sent to some of their closest family and friends. 

Yep, awkward. 

What follows next is an hilarious adventure at trying to stop their loved ones from seeing a little too much of them. 

And as the audience, we get to see a fair bit too (Segel is looking fit, while at 41 Diaz has the body of a College cheerleader).

Sex Tape is funnier than you think it'll be, with some serious LOL moments. 

It's really well cast with Rodd Corddry (What Happens in Vegas), Rob Lowe (Californication) and Ellie Kemper (Bridesmaids) providing plenty of entertainment.  

Strap yourself in (or on, we are talking about a sex tape) as there is plenty of swearing and nudity, but relax and enjoy the ride. 

Sex Tape is in cinemas now.

SEX TAPE Starring Cameron Diaz & Jason Segel - New Trailer - In Cinemas July 17

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