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Zac Efron Fully Naked In Magic Mike Sequel?

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Might be worth sitting down for this one!

Zac Efron is set to take it all off for the upcoming Magic Mike sequel, Magic Mike XXL.

Sources close to the new movie have revealed that Efron is set to team up with the star, and producer, of the flick Channing Tatum on a strip show that is set to get temperatures rising.

Zac Efron in Bad Neighbours (Universal Pictures)

Efron isn't shy when it comes to taking it all off.

He recently wowed the audience at the MTV Movie Awards after Rita Ora ripped his shirt off, got half-naked in Bad Neighbours and had a "malfunction" while trying viagra in That Awkward Moment.

Would you want to see Zac nude it up in the new Magic Mike sequel?

Tags: Zac Efron, Magic Mike 2, Magic Mike XXL

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