Posted: 26 February, 2014 by Sohan Judge

VIDEO: We Convince Kim Cesarion To Undress For Us!

Plus, he tells us which celebrity he'd like to undress if he could!

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Whether you know it or not, chances are Kim Cesarion's track 'Undressed' has been stuck in your head. Here at Scoopla HQ, we're all obsessed with his impressive falsetto!

While Kim is relatively new on the music scene, there's no denying his talent – he can play the guitar, piano, violin, bass AND drums – not to mention his sweet singing! AND he's only 23 years old!

When he dropped by Scoopla HQ we totally convinced him to undress for us – AND we found out which celebrity he'd undress if he could.

Make sure you grab a copy of Kim's single on iTunes now!

Exclusive: Kim Cesarion Undresses! Uploaded at 26 February, 2014 - 11:32AM

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You better believe it – we convinced 'Undressed' singer Kim Cesarion to actually undress for us! Yes, we might have been a bit sneaky about it, but it happened. Kind of. Half-way.

In this video: Kim Cesarion, Justin Hill

And check out Kim's awesome music video for 'Undressed'!

Tags: Kim Cesarion, Justin Hill, Scoopla, Music

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