Posted: 27 February, 2014 by Dan HIll

Justin Bieber On The Cover Of Rolling Stone

They Try Figure Out Where He Went Wrong.

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Justin Bieber's very public downward spiral has caught the attention of the most famous music publication in history - Rolling Stone Magazine. The music mag has pinned the teenage popstar to the front cover of the latest issue, with the caption 'Bad Boy. Why Justin Bieber just won't behave.'

They tell readers 'There's a fine line between having more fun than any teenager alive, and completely melting down. Justin Bieber seems determined to find it.'

Hitting the stands on Friday, Rolling Stone go in depth to the wild past 12 months in his public life, dig up the dirt on his most recent troubles, and trying to pinpoint who's to blame.

Will hardcore Beliebers stand close to their once promising idol, or will they lose faith?

Time will tell.

Tags: Scoopla, Music, Justin Bieber, Rolling Stone, Bump

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