Posted: 1 March, 2014 by Dani Orlando

First show of the 'Moonshine Jungle Tour'

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His 2014 half-time Superbowl performance left us with a pretty good taste in our mouth and a pretty good idea of just how amazing his Moonshine Jungle Tour would be.

The first show, one of only eight in Australia left us dragging our jaws off the floor of the Perth Arena in complete awe of American singer/songwriter, Bruno Mars.

There’s nothing quite like that drop in your stomach when the stage lights come down and you’re unsure/excited/anticipating what’s about to happen next.

A simple black curtained covered in large gold sequinned palm trees drops from the roof to reveal an 8-piece all male band, and there in the middle a small in stature yet complete powerhouse vocalist, Bruno Mars.

He opened with the hit which inspired the name of the tour, Moonshine and Natalie before acknowledging the crowd.

“Whaddup Perth!”

“We came here to get y’all dancing and get y’all shaking…”

It was perfect timing to bring in his 2013 hit Treasure where the whole band moved to the front of the stage to join Bruno in synchronised dance moves which made it impossible for the people in seats, to stay seated. We were swept back in time, I even heard someone say, “This reminds of me of the Jackson 5, and Bruno is Michael”.

There’s a feeling of old-school when he hits the stage – the outfits, the hair styles and the co-ordinated dance routines. It felt like we’d been teleported back to 1960’s Motown, especially with those James Brown-esque dance moves. Where did he learn to move like that? It’s no doubt he’s been influenced by that phenomenal era in music. His backup vocalists and band are a credit to the genre of reggae. Bruno Mars is proving that through the generations that style of music will never die. You had 16-year olds dancing like The Jackson 5, and mesmerised by men wearing flairs up on stage, it was amazing.

The Moonshine Jungle Tour treated us with the hits we know and love, Nothin’ On You, Marry You, Grenade and When I Was Your Man, where he shared an intimate moment with the crowd telling us that to this day it’s still the hardest song for him to sing.

A bunch of covers were thrown in too, including Motown hit Money (That’s What I Want) and even Ginuwine’s very sexy (I’m talking pelvic thrusting sexy) hit, Pony.

Although fans missed out on some songs including Young Girls, Gorilla and my personal favourite The Lazy Song - Peter Gene Hernandez was forgiven. The 2010 hit Just the Way You Are from his debut album ‘Doo-Wops & Hooligans’ was captivating. There’s no doubt besides being one of the biggest stars in the world right now, he’s also got one of the biggest vocal ranges which he didn’t shy off showing.

By this stage, we were under the Bruno Mars spell. I’m talking not just the women and younger screaming fans – middle age men filled the aisles dancing, everywhere you looked. My boss, in his early 40’s nearly did his back out bopping along to the encore; a treat we knew would be saved until last – Locked out of Heaven.

The Moonshine Jungle Tour had it all, everything you’d expect from a Grammy award winning artist, and with seven shows left and Adelaide as his next stop – get ready to be locked out of heaven, catch a grenade and be completely mesmerised by Bruno Mars.  

Tags: Bruno Mars, Moonshine Jungle Tour, Perth Arena, Australian Tour, Music

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