Posted: 10 December, 2013 by Scoopla Team

Justin Bieber: You Look Like A Beached Whale

Says To Girl At Perth Hotel

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Justin Bieber has caused quite the stir at a Perth hotel for calling a woman a 'beached whale.'

Bieber and his posse were staying at Hyatt Regency during his stay on the west coast, and was seen mixing with the public by the pool.

A guest staying at the hotel claims she heard Justin hurl abuse to a group of four young girls in bikinis, one of them about a size 14.

'What are you, Hawaiian or something?' Justing yelled across the pool. The girl said `No, I'm not'. Then he replied with - 'You look like a beached whale, You should go on The Biggest Loser.'

Speaking to Heidi, Will & Woody in Perth, witness Helen revealed the full story.



It's reported that guests at the hotel were both shocked and appalled at the pop star's actions, with fans following suit taking to twitter -


Justin was here on his Australian tour which finished up in Perth on the weekend.



Tags: Justin Bieber, Perth, Scoopla, Music, Latest, celebrity

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