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Zac Efron Is Giving Away His First Car!

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Just when you thought Zac Efron couldn’t get any more perfect, he just announced that he’s giving away his first car as part of a new fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

On Monday the heartthrob took to Twitter to announce that fans can donate $10 to go into the draw to win one of his most prized possessions.

The lucky winner won’t just get Efron’s first car but they'll also be flown out to L.A. from anywhere in the world to meet him!

“This is the car I learned everything in,” the actor says in the promo video. “How to drive in, got my first driver’s license in, got in my first car accident in, which was not my fault for the record.”

The higher fans donate, the more entries they get, as well as bagging automatic prizes, such as autographed shirts and more!

So let me get this straight… just $10 for a chance to meet Zac Efron? And the money goes to a great cause that benefits kids? Just give me a sec while I submit my entry…

Win a Trip to L.A. to Hang Out with Zac Efron


Tags: Scoopla, Zac Efron, Make-A-Wish Foundation

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