Posted: 8 August, 2014 by Web Girl Bec

Lady Gaga's Latest Concert Lands Her In Hospital!

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Lady Gaga got more then she bargained for at her concert in Denver on Wednesday night, ending up in hospital for altitude sickness.

The 28 yr-old Instagrammed a selfie from her hospital bed with a full face of makeup, oxygen mask and all!

“Altitude Sickness is no joke! #hitThatHospitalS**t #artRaveDenver many true ravers crowd tonight”

Mother Monster is correct, altitude sickness is no joke; according to WebMD it can cause nausea, dizziness, weakness, throbbing headaches and more. It can also be fairly serious if not treated. Luckily Gaga sought medical advice and has made an incredible recovery. 

Loyal fans have even swarmed Gaga’s social media pages, leaving comments of support and undying love for “the queen”.

“I love you and your concert in Denver last night was beyond amazing I'm still singing and thinking about it!!! ❤”

“Get well soon!!! LOVE U MOM ♥”


Tags: Scoopla, Lady Gaga

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