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Is This The Woman Who Got Between Beyoncé & Jay Z?

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A struggling female rapper has released a provocative song directed at Beyoncé called Sorry Mrs Carter, sparking rumours that she’s Jay Z’s mistress.

The power couple’s marriage has allegedly been under strain for months and this latest rumour is NOT going to help!

The infamous elevator fight between Jay and sister-in-law Solange was reportedly sparked by his infidelity and now a wannabe rapper named Liv has added fuel to the fire with a horrible tune directed at Bey.

The woman insists the relationship between her and Jay wasn’t sexual but that they share a “connection” and hints that he made a pass at her.

In the song, which samples OutKast’s Ms. Jackson, the potty-mouthed rapper even references Beyoncé and Jay Z’s songs.

“You know what I was gonna respect you but since you crossed over into my lane it’s time to check you.”

“The man? He likes model chicks. He likes all naturally flawless model chicks, like me.”

“Girls can’t run the world fightin’ over men, all my single ladies better keep in mind when them those tables turn you gon’ be the wife.”

“Why don’t you tell these girls how to be wives? Why don’t tell these girls how to act around yo’ husband?”

Liv also filmed a cringeworthy video where she looks at herself in the mirror, applies lip gloss and attempts to dance, and even uploaded what looks like the single artwork.

Unsurprisingly, she copped a lot of criticism on social media and hit back by sharing messages of support from her followers.

You can watch the horrendous clip here but it does contain coarse language.


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Tags: Scoopla, Beyoncé, Jay Z, OutKast, Liv, Solange Knowles

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