Posted: 10 July, 2014 by Justin Hill

What will Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling's baby look like?

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So you may have heard the news that Eva Mendes may be carrying Ryan Goslings’ child?


We’re not sure if this rumour is true – mostly because we didn’t hear a trumpet blare, sounding the approval of the angels of hotness, blessing the union of these two incredibly good looking human specimens, but whatevs.

This can only mean good things for the future of mankind however…

  • Ryan Gosling as a Dad. Winning
  • Eva Mendes all glowing and pregnant. Win again
  • The Royal Ryan bloodline will continue – phew!
  • Someone for Blue Ivy and North West to hang out with
  • Peace on Earth

Some people say two hot people are guaranteed to have ugly offspring, but we beg to differ. The internet agrees with us. We visited to use the latest technology to see what baby Ryan/Eva will look like – thoughts?




Ariana Responds To Miley Comparisons! Uploaded at 11 July, 2014 - 9:13AM

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Ariana Grande hasn’t got a problem being compared to Miley & Selena in fact she loves it! Plus people aren’t too happy about Ryan and Eva having a baby … and neither are we! Also has Kanye replaced Jay Z already?

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