Posted: 28 July, 2014 by Christian Hull

Ricki-Lee Strips....

It's All Classy (Possibly NSFW)

Ricki-Lee has posed in her first nude photo shoot for Sunday Style.

The beautiful Ricki-Lee talks about body image in the latest edition of 'Sunday Style'.

The singer posted this pic to her instagram account with the caption:

"I’m extremely comfortable in my skin, I always have been — and I’ve always tried to project that to other women. Being comfortable in your skin isn’t about being perfect, because nobody’s perfect! It’s about being accepting of your so-called ‘imperfections’ and ‘flaws’ and embracing your body and loving yourself sick regardless! Women will always have a love-hate relationship with their bodies…it’s just human"


She posted this pic:

She is so classy! She also posted a few others from the 'Sunday Style' shoot:

Read the full article here: 'Sunday Style' Tumblr Blog

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